Maximize the value of each advertising impact

The right people

The Mobile DMP (Data Management Platform)

Individuals provide daily terabytes of information to Infinia, revealing their interests. Those interests are dynamic and changing, so the Clusters are temporary.

In the right place

Not only impacting the right people but to communicate with them is important while they are watching Premium Content. Infinia is a Premium Market Place, where only largest publishers offer their inventory. That ensures a safe environment.

At the right time

Infinia is connected to Mediatracking which is the platform that audits the Radio and Tv advertisement spots. At the same time while advertisers broadcast on Tv or Radio, Infinia is able to launch a Mobile campaign to that advertiser, their competitors or their market.

In the right way

Mobile is a Premium Media and requieres Premium Formats. Brands need to be consistent between the media and the formats in order to communicate the values of their brands. Our goal is to enlarge the KPI´s of any campaign and adapt the formats to the expected results.