About us
CEO Founder

Fausto Fernandez

Founds Infinia mobile in 2015, creating the first programmatic Data Management Platform (DMP) that generates audience clusters based on their life habits, with the main objective of creating a DMP with own data capable of extracting users behaviors within a premium, transparent and private environment. Today, Infinia is the leading DMP in the international advertising sector, that improves the KPI's of advertising campaigns by up to 50% and is based in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.


Borja Gil

Strategic Projects Director

Guido Martin

Business Development Director

Nicolás Diaz

Managing Director

Rubén Hernando

Technical Director

José María Viñes

Android Tech Lead

Daniel Martínez

iOS Tech Lead

Jesús Calzada

Frontend Lead

David Hernando

Backend Lead

Miguel Pérez

Audience Insights

Lorena Rivera

Legal Director

Iván Barcia

Programmatic Director

Tamara Cáceres

Financial Director

Víctor Cervera

Java Architect

Manuel Fernández Moya

Data Scientist

Alan Glotzer

Software Developer

David V. Pérez

Big Data Architect

Aday Robaina

Data Scientist

Ivan Capineti

Data Supervisor

Miguel Ángel Sánchez

Sales Coordinator

Francisco J. Marín

Account Director

Diana Sánchez

Managing Director Emotika Mobile

Álvaro Iturbe

Account Director

Jose Mata

Account Director

Elena Orfila

Country Manager View&Buy