The way we know you


Geo contextualization

You tell me where you have been, I tell you who you are.

Based on the location of the individuals and the frequency of that location, we define the profile of each individual.

… Just an example: An individual who 3 times in a week browse from 22:00 until 08:00 in a same location, we define that location as his “HOME”.


Browsing trace

Interests prediction based on content downloaded

Finding out the apps the individuals download, as well as the content they browse, that provides a very rich data to profile them.



A passive way to extract information from the audience

Low Bluetooth Energy technology, used to track the traffic of the individuals, without any interaction on their side needed.

Mobile retargeting campaigns to those individuals who have been physically in a certain place.

Consultancy projects based on indoor analytics. We are able to track the users at any indoor and outdoor location.