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Infinia’s report on Latino Vote for US Elections 2020
2 de octubre de 2020
Infinia’s report on Latino Vote for US Elections 2020

Infinia's report on the Latino Voter for the Elections 2020
The report reveals that 29% of the US Latino 18+ in Infinia's DMP is considered a "undecided voter"

Infinia, through its data driven omnichannel platform, measured more than 28 million latinos +18 from its own audience universe which as of today represents 87% of the total latino voters in the US.
  Our analysis was based on the mobile consumption of users, to find out what the voting intention of Latinos are and where to find them

What will you discover in the study?

  • KNOW THE LATINO POPULATION PERCENTAGE: 32 million latinos are elegible to vote in the 2020 elections and Infinia's DMP knows 38 million them.
  • MOBILE CONSUMPTION HABITS : How do latinos consume on their mobile devices? In what language do they communicate?
  • WHAT AFFINITIES DO BOTH PARTIES HAVE IN COMMON ? Discover which are the most related searches according to each political party.
  • AUDIENCE CLUSTER DEMOCRAT & REPUBLICAN: Discover its audience profiles based on their mobile consumption.

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