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Infinia OOH certified by CIM as an OOH audience measurer
17 de febrero de 2022
Infinia OOH certified by CIM as an OOH audience measurer

Infinia Mobile informs that its technological platform for the analysis and planning of foreign audiences has obtained the certification as "Audience Meter and Audience Auditor on OOH", positioning itself as the best option for technology agencies, exclusivists and advertisers.

For its part, the Media Research Council, AC, (CIM) Mexico, informs that in accordance with its objective of validating and certifying the processes and methodologies used in media measurements, under criteria of fairness and transparency, in accordance with the provisions of the Guidelines for the Measurement of Outdoor Media on Public Roads CiM has completed the review and audit process of the Infinia Mobile audience measurement model on public roads, for which it has obtained certification from this Council.

The CIM implemented Technical Certification Guidelines as a quality standard for Audience Measurement, as well as the Basic Interest Requirements of the industry for External Media Measurement to give certainty to its users about the quality of the service and the data generated.

These have been the guidelines scrupulously audited to grant the official certification

GENERAL methodological guidelines

  1. Media coverage
  2. Target population
  3. definition of the universe
  4. mobility measurement
  5. Survey methodology
  6. sample design
  7. Use of visibility weights
  8. audience calculation
  9. QA
  10. Audits
  11. Methodological modifications


  1. Audience variables
  2. Report targets
  3. Validity of estimates
  4. Delivery system and procedures

Guidelines for SITE EVALUATION

  1. Geo-referenced location
  2. Dimensions
  3. Exposure time in seconds
  4. Distance
  5. illumination
  6. space saturation
  7. Average speed of vehicular traffic at different times and by day of the week
  8. Means of Transportation (public and private)
  9. pedestrian influx
  10. Visibility (Obstructions)
  11. angulation
  12. Height
  13. art movement
  14. Quality control of all variables 1-13


  1. Mobility on public roads
  2. Route mapping
  3. Use of visibility weights for the measurement of supports on public roads
  4. Audience calculation
  5. Updating of databases


The procedure was executed under strict methodological adherence with the members of COTAE, the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee and under the intensive collaboration of the Infinia technical team for more than 12 months and through strict audit processes.

It was concluded that Infinia has a statistically reliable measurement model, with a valuable technological tool that allows scalability and that the estimations of the individual's profile, its sample filtering process, geographic allocation, as well as the information projection are well designed. . Likewise, it was shown that there are sufficient protocols to protect the information. The results led to the committee's recommendation to certify the model for measuring audiences on public roads, which was ratified by the CIM Board of Directors.

User measurement method in the middle ooh-dooh. Documentation provided by Infinia Mobile

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