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Infinia presents the new US general audiences clusters
9 de diciembre de 2020
Infinia presents the new US general audiences clusters

Infinia, the leading technological platform in audience knowledge, activation and analysis, with more than 99 million known users in the United States, 3,500 daily locations and more than 5,000 campaigns activated during 2019, now presents 11 new audience clusters to activate your advertising campaigns.

These new clusters are profiled by gender, age, income level, the IAB interests of each of the groups, as well as the locations where we find these audiences.

By inserting its technology into more than 10,000 apps, Infinia manages to compose its audience profiles thanks to its data managed in its DMP, audited by PwC, in addition to agreements with large publishers and the volume of data generated by its campaigns advertising.

This collected data allows Infinia to obtain both a physical and digital reality of the user, which entails a knowledge of the user during their vital moments of the day.


This cluster called "Beauty & Fashion" is made up of more than 13 million unique users in the Infinia DMP.

It segments a profile dominated by women (62.71%), with tastes for fashion and beauty, with a young age group and a medium, medium-high socioeconomic profile. The IAB interests that most connect with this audience are "Arts & Entertainment", "News", "Hobbies" and "Society".

The locations where more profiles are located within this cluster are found in the states of California, Texas and Florida.