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Infinia’s new data model: media attribution model about traffic to stores
18 de agosto de 2020
Infinia’s new data model: media attribution model about traffic to stores


"What retailers need: a model that tells them if their conventional advertising activities are working and to what extent"

Infinia has been working on this model for a long time, we seek to provide innovative data solutions that optimize budgets and marketing decisions, so for this reason, we got into the development of a solution that would give transparency to conventional media, which are still very important but nevertheless the most complicated to measure.

This model allows retailers to get specific metrics with which to know what has been the attribution of each media (poster sticking activities, mailing of leaflets, ooh, digital ...) in store traffic during the campaign and after it. Also, It is possible to know: the increase in store traffic, the average cart per user, the% of attributed sales, the acquisition cost ... etc.

This new solution comes at a key moment where retailers and e-commerce are at a time of strong expansion and the need to optimize marketing budgets as much as possible. If it was generally key to have visibility on the return on investment in traffic and business metrics, in the current context of volatility and reduction of marketing budgets, it is even more critical to have a tool that allows a much more efficient use of the budget.

Infinia, with its technology for extracting data from smartphones and its INDOOR, DOOH and MULTIDEVICE advertising solutions, manages to trace user behaviors and generate a fingerprint of each one of them. This fingerprint or trace is key in the attribution model, to locate the user at all times and know what impact a conventional advertising has had (press, radio, outdoor ...), in their following digital movements and in their visit to stores.

"We continue working on products and models that offer not only business value, but also market transparency"

There is still much to investigate in the measurement of conventional media, especially in radio and television. It is important that market players, especially advertisers and agencies, bet on technology and data strategies, so that as an industry we can have an omnichannel vision of consumer behavior.