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Pwc audits the Infinia Mobile DMP
14 de junio de 2019
Pwc audits the Infinia Mobile DMP

In this way, Infinia Mobile manages to audit the 4 fundamental procedures of its SDK technology through which it collects user data, verifying the validity and reliability of its data and big data procedure

In December 2018, with the aim of improving transparency and providing a differential value to an emerging market such as “big data”, Infinia decided to start an audit process in relation to its DMP mobile services, to guarantee the quality of its data and establish market standards that safeguard the interests of advertising agencies and advertisers.
This process concludes successfully in May 2019, upon completion of the evaluation of the procedures agreed by both parties.

The audit has been carried out satisfactorily under the global TPA assessment methodology, and with it, the following is verified and concluded:

  1. Infinia has developed its own SDK, which, installed in publishers' apps, is capable of collecting information to complete their profiles. 
  2. It’s evident that Infinia has a data volume with a total of 237,461,275 profiles as of March 12, 2019, contrasting that there is a stable evolution over time on the volume of profiles.
  3. The composition of profiles is verified: a profile in the Infinia database consists of at least one unique identifier, age, gender, socioeconomic status and the country to which it belongs. In addition, it is found that, within the volume of validated data, the profiles can have information related to: home, work area, vital area, language, psychographic profile. It is verified that there is a continuous update process in order to improve the quality of the profile.
  4. Verification of the existence of an algorithm capable of calculating the type of audience and the influx at a given point.

The results of the audit carried out by PwC on the four agreed procedures on Infinia's DMP can be found in the public report available here.