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We launched a new advertising format: Infinia Audio
28 de julio de 2020
We launched a new advertising format: Infinia Audio

From the collaboration of OMD Spain with Infinia, Infinia Audio is born, a new format with which the Renault car brand has launched to give greater presence to the Selection range during the months of June and July.

Infinia Audio, with 20” and 7” creatives, has been distributed through Infinia's premium network, which has allowed the campaign to be developed with a high audience segmentation in the digital environment, among others, with Spotify, with the aim of obtaining the highest possible frequency.

This audio format is available for wedge campaigns, or combined, for example: wedge + banner, on media such as YouTube or Spotify or wedge + retargeting. The analytics of these campaigns will provide data on: listener coverage, hours of presence, LTR and frequency… In campaigns combined with banner and retargeting, you can also measure the result in CTR.

Thanks to the good results obtained, for the next waves Renault and OMD Spain will activate again the campaign with this new format, combining it with other digital formats that help to generate a greater presence of the automotive brand, thus betting on the use of new formats, like audio, that help build notoriety and frequency on a high-affinity audience.

“OMD and Renault evolve together in the constant search for those formats and messages that best suit our audiences. We do this thanks to the collaboration of the media, always open to innovating and offering new solutions, which allow us to build storytelling adapted to different audiences ”, Raúl Muñoz, Brand Director for Renault at OMD Spain.

Infinia continues to research advertising solutions for its clients, with the aim of offering a greater portfolio of products. Currently, with more than 240 million known users, its micro-segmentation capabilities and its artificial intelligence (ANNI) make Infinia a very competitive solution for agencies and their brands, thanks to the good results of campaigns, which tend to vary by above the benchmark. In addition, Infinia is currently focused on generating insights, to offer its clients the complete funnel of attribution and campaign contribution on brand.